Amulets for Life

Each QQ JEWELRY was conceived as an Amulet. Created in 9K gold and silver with contrast, they are fully customizable.

Each Amulet can be assembled on a waxed cotton cord in beige, black, brown, camel, blue, green, burgundy, silver, gold or two-tone multicolored.
The natural stone can be turquoise, red coral, ivory, onyx, mother pearl, green jade or on a glass painted heart. You may also adjust the height of the wire, by using the small knots , depending on the size you want , or the stone can be used as a button.

Get inspired and discover here your Amulet for Life.


Our Story

QQ JEWELRY was born from a dream of mine to want to use different amulets, that during my entire life I had envisioned, but that I have never found.

I wanted to wear simple jewelry in the form of amulets, that I could wear everyday, to accompany me everywhere, suitable for all occasions.

So I decided to create some pieces for myself, just like the ones that I had dreamed of. Once I started using them, everyone asked me for an amulet like mine.

This is how QQ JEWELRY was born. There are now twenty-two amulets, all of them have a a meaning that made sense to me at some point of my life.

Mariana Hipólito Raposo